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Mt. Tabor Reservoir Independent Review Panel

The following letter was sent from Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman's office to the Friends of the Reservoirs on January 8, 2004.

January 8, 2004

Friends of the Reservoirs Executive Board
3534 SE Main St.
Portland, OR 97214

Dear Friends,

I enjoyed our meeting on Wednesday December 17th and the continuing discussions we have had regarding our drinking water. I look forward to meeting with you in the future. By now you have had a chance to see the Independent Review Committee (IRP) and have a clear understanding of the process that will now move forward. I look forward to your input and energy in the coming months. Below are the answers to your December 16th letter.

  1. a. The panel should be viewed as a “governing body of a public body” subject to the Oregon Public Meetings Law. ORS 192.610 to 192.690. This also means, as well, that the Panel may hold executive or closed sessions under the terms of that law. It will be up to the panel members on how they wish to relay information to the general public and I ask you to support their decision.
    b. I would hope to see a minimum of 7 days notice (again, this will be up to the panel) and will continue to direct the Water Bureau to post items on the project’s web page.
    c. As this is a volunteer citizen panel and these folks have daily lives and jobs to attend to, I assume many of the meetings will take place at night. Again, it will be up to the panel members to decide on meeting times.
  2. Documents will be made available as soon as time permits.
  3. The panel members are volunteers and will not be paid. They will utilize a paid facilitator and paid technical advisor. We estimate that the facilitator’s contract will be around $30,000 and the technical advisor’s contract in the $200,000 range.
  4. Yes.

Regarding the MWH contract, #34980

  1. The Water Bureau met with MWH on December 9 and orally instructed them and their subcontractors to stop work except for a few tasks that were judged to be in the City’s best interest to advance to a logical stopping point.

    The following work items are being completed:

    • Survey Basemap. The map is needed whether the reservoirs are buried or a different solution is selected. The first draft of the basemap is scheduled to be completed within a few weeks.
    • Permitting. A technical memo is under development that will provide the roadmap for the permitting work. This technical memo will be completed in January.
    • Yard Piping. The yard piping and vault layout work is underway and will be finalized. This work is needed to support implementing any of the 5 alternatives being considered by the Panel.
    • Geotechnical Investigation. Most site work has been completed. The draft report is due to the Water Bureau in December. Geotechnical work related to yard piping will continue until completed.
    • Structural. Several draft technical memos are being prepared and are due in January.
  2. Subcontract work to MWH was directed to be stopped during the December 9 meeting except for the items noted in response to Q#1. No other contracts have been awarded.
  3. Yes. MWH was so instructed on December 9. Also, the Bureau of Parks sent letters to the members of the new panel stating that this process would be postponed.

Regarding the Natt McDougal contract.

  1. No, the work at Washington Park is continuing. The bureau will not place the cover over the reservoirs until Council has received the Panel’s report.

I hope this helps clarify the process and status of the project. Please feel free to contact my office with further input or questions.


Dan Saltzman

Cc. Mayor Katz
Commissioner Francesconi
Commissioner Leonard
Commissioner Sten
Gary Blackmer
Mort Anoushiravani
IRP Chair, Ogden Beeman