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Friends of the Reservoirs


Mt. Tabor Reservoir Independent Review Panel

WHO: You, the public, and all friends of the reservoirs
WHAT: Attend 3rd of 6 Panel Review meetings
WHEN: Next Tue., March 16, 4-7pm (Friends & public comment after 5:30)
WHERE: Portland City Hall Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th, Portland
WHY: Friends of the Reservoirs and the greater public have been granted heretofore unallowed presentation and comment time.

We are increasingly concerned with the Panel structure and direction.

After two panel sessions, we are that much more concerned about the structure and direction of the panel, and our vigilance has heightened. Only as a result of this vigilance and pressure from the Friends, our first significant allotment of time to directly address, and be addressed by, the Panel, as well as allotment for public comment, has been granted for the next Panel meeting, Tue, March 16. While we have prepared and distributed to the Panel members a fairly comprehensive notebook of relevant documentation, we have otherwise had little input to the Panel discussion, nor has there been any basic public comment period.

While there are clearly Panel members who are independent minded, we are seeing an underlying Panel structure and management that appears to preclude any real Independence due to limited considerations on the table, limited time for digestion and discussion of information.

On Tuesday, we will be presenting some ideas for a mitigation plan and answering questions from the Panel members. Even if you can't make it until after 5 or 6pm, please join us to demonstrate your support and concerns via your personal comments to the Panel and/or simply your presence.


4:00 - 4:05

Welcome - Opening Remarks
Ogden Beeman - Chair

4:05 - 4:10

Upcoming Panel Schedule and Public Involvement Opportunities
Pat Serie - Facilitator

4:10 - 4:45

Overview and Questions on Option 3 - Installation of water treatment facilities where drinking water exits the reservoir outlets
Michael J. MacPhee, McGuire Environmental Consultants
Panel Questions

4:45 - 5:45

Overview and Questions on Option 5 - Creation and implementation of specific state-approved risk mitigation plans that will address physical access, surface water runoff and contamination risks to the reservoirs as well as security issues raised in vulnerability assessments
Joseph Bernosky, McGuire Environmental Consultants
Panel Questions

5:45 - 5:50

Overview and Outline of Upcoming Public Workshop
Pat Serie - Facilitator

5:50 - 6:45

Friends of the Reservoir's Proposal & Questions from Panel
Comments and Questions from Other Interested Groups

6:45 - 7:00

Summary and Adjourn
Ogden Beeman - Chair

All Panel sessions will be videotaped by Portland Community Media and will be available on a web-cast link. See www.taborirp.org for more information.